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We have provided the best add on solution to your wedding platform. You can now attach all our tools for your customers in one place. Tools for your Bride & Grooms like, collecting addresses & Honeymoon Funds, QR Code Generator, Invitations, send & receive gifts, and much more!

Average Couple Receives
$1500 In Gifts
Honeymoon Fund Now
Offered By You.

Create Your Free Wedding
Website with Honeymoon Fund

The Hub For Your Registry, RSVPs, and Love Story

Receive Cash Gifts & Over 250+ Gift Cards

Collect Addresses & Send Invites

Start Your Website
Bless With Gifts & Honeymoon funds 😇
Bath & Body Works
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All The Wedding Tools
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Our Services for venue

Honeymoon Fund

Customize QR code generator

Online Forms

Collect RSVP’s & Send Invites

Export Guest List to Excel

Review RSVP’s

Send Invites By Text

Send Wedding Calendar Invites

Wedding Website

Honeymoon Fund

Customize QR code generator

Online Forms

Wedding Checklist

To Do Before Wedding Day!

Complete Checklist

Start To Finish Guide

In It Together,

Every Step of the Way

By partnering with us, we can help you reach millions of people from your bride and groom. They send announcements, updates, and invitations all with your brand. Together let's showcase your venue the right way while providing tremendous value for your bride and grooms!

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Nathan Sampson

I really enjoyed using the beweddy App and found it very useful right away. When I began planning, I didn’t know where to start. Following the guidelines was super helpful and eased my mind when I felt overwhelmed.